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RCM Heating and Cooling offers air cleaners for homes in Will County. Did you know that the air in your home may contain more allergens and pollutants than the air outdoors? Because your doors and windows stay closed much of the time, pollutants such as dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, skin flakes, chemical fumes, cigarette smoke, bacteria and viruses, get trapped in your home and have no way to escape. These contaminants are constantly re-circulated throughout your home by your heating and cooling fans. Air filters can help, but are usually not enough to keep the air in your house as clean as it should be. At RCM Heating and Cooling we offer electronic air cleaners and Aprilaire air cleaners to reduce the pollutants in your home.

How an Air Cleaner helps your home

An air cleaner from RCM Heating and Cooling works to remove pollutants in the air just before it enters the house. Our most common air cleaning product is with the MERV 10 Media Air Filter. This particular filter has 70% efficiency and is recommended by the American Lung Association to ensure you are breathing clean, safe air in the home. The high performance Media Air Filter/Air Cleaner we recommend will:
  • Filter the air for your entire home, making it clean and safe.
  • Keep the furnace and air conditioning evaporator coil clean which will ensure your systems run smoothly.
  • Increase air flow and require fewer replacements than other cleaners.
An electronic air cleaner can be close to 97% efficient.

Revive clean air in your home. We’re your source for electronic air cleaners and other air cleaners for home. Call us today to find the product that’s right for you!