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Boiler Services in New Lenox, IL

A Budget-Friendly Way to Heat Your Will County Property

At RCM Heating & Cooling, we specialize in high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. Therefore, we highly recommend boilers as an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way to heat your home or business. Boilers are appliances that heat your home or business by cycling cold water through a series of heated pipes and dispersing it throughout your home as hot water or steam. Our New Lenox boiler specialists are well versed in installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement techniques. Though we recommend and prefer Dunkirk boilers, we have experience working with a variety of types and brands and are dedicated to providing you with quality workmanship every time.

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How Boilers Work

In the HVAC world, a boiler is an appliance designed to heat water. A hydronic boiler uses natural gas to heat the water and then circulate it throughout the home or building. Hydronic boilers are a great option for home water circulation; this hot water can be pumped to the baseboard and other types of radiators located throughout your living space. Another way to circulate the heat is through plastic tubing that has been installed beneath finished floor surfaces. In this type of “radiant floor” heating system, the flooring itself becomes a huge radiator that provides your home with heat.

Boilers are known for being the most comfortable way to heat a home and are often used in combination with other indoor air quality products, such as air cleaners and humidifiers, to filter the air and adjust the humidity level for best comfort.

One of the reasons we prefer the high-end Dunkirk models is because they’re able to modulate the amount of heat and water flow based on outdoor temperatures and they can control the rate of rising heat. This makes them more energy-efficient.

Boilers don’t contain many mechanical parts which is why they tend to have longer lifespans. However, whenever your unit starts to show signs it isn’t working properly, it’s important to get the issue checked out right away.

We recommend calling our New Lenox boiler specialists right away if:

  • Your boiler doesn’t produce any heat
  • Your boiler doesn’t produce enough water pressure
  • Your boiler continues to turn on and off
  • Your boiler makes banging, gurgling, or whistling sounds
  • Your boiler is leaking or dripping

Take Advantage of Our Maintenance Plan

At RCM Heating & Cooling, we’ve been assisting homes and businesses throughout New Lenox and Joliet with all of their boiler issues since 2005. Therefore, we have the experience and training to perform a thorough inspection of your unit, make any necessary repairs on the spot, and ensure that it will continue to work for years to come. Because we’re dedicated to helping you have properly working high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, we will ensure that your unit is properly cleaned. This will help prevent costly emergency repairs in the long run. And with our Peace of Mind Plan, we even handle all of the scheduling for you!

Salute to the red, white, and blue and contact our proudly patriotic New Lenox boiler specialists today. Call (815) 485-6525 now.

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